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Admin Jun 26 '15

Christopher Dixon

Christopher Dixon has been a co-angler in the FLW for 8 years. During the time Chris was learning his angling skills, he accomplished various goals such as achieving top ten success, championship success to the East West Fish Off.  Also he was in an article how to catch a Big Fish in the Flw magazine.  Chris has also fished Won bass, Anglers' Choice, Future pro tour, US open, Lucas Oil, the Federation, and the National Bass.  He has accomplished several first place, second place trophies.  This year Chris has decided to take his talents to the front of the boat, purchasing a 2015 Ranger z520c.  Chris has had the privilege to be under the tutoring of Dr. Rickey Shabbaz for 5 years.  He also fished with pros such as Brent Ehrler, Brett Hite, Dee Thomas, Bobby Berwick, Steve Sap, Joe Uribe, Jr., Charlie Weir, Paul Bailey, Clifford Pirch, Scott Martin, Greg Hackney, and for the last two years has been team partners with legendary hall of famer, Mike Folkestad, if that's not a bang for your buck what is?

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