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Hello my name is Gene Harris from Boston Massachusetts. I am the Chief Operating Officer of True Image baits. Fishing and I go way back. I can remember fishing with my mom and dad using a 7 1/2’ bamboo pole and the old black Dacron line where I graduated into an Abu Garcia and Mitchell 304 & 308 reel expert at the young age of 12.

Since then I have fished for Bass in many lakes to include Lake Vincenza, and Verona Italy. I eventually migrated to San Diego where I fished Lake Hodges, San Vicente, Lake Poway, Lake Jennings, and Upper and Lower Otay Lake. During my time in San Diego I must have single handedly kept Bass Pro Shop in business because I spent a lot of money.


In 1985, I left my so-called “Canoe” in San Diego and moved to Bakersfield California. It was then that I had fished Heart Park, Lake Ming and the best of all; the Kern River. I would wade out chest high and proceed to catch “Smallies” all day long.


A man in a Shimano ASB Boat invited me to fish the kern with him the following weekend. It was in August and by the end of the day we had boated 108 “Smallies”. Because of my enthusiasm for fishing, he taught me about fishing Tournaments. Therefore in January of 1992, I joined the “Golden Empire Bass Club” and fished my first tournament. Surprisingly I won at Pine Flat.


I later joined the “Kern County Bassmasters”, and began Fishing ABA. I also learned how to pour plastic worms, and met Tournament Director Ray Caldwell and as a result, True Image was born.


Today, call me bias but I believe True Image has become one of the best soft plastic baits on the market today. Give’em a Split-Shot or a drop-shot, they catch Bass. I hope you place your next order with True Image Finnese baits.



Gene Harris

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